SCHAFKOPF - Bavarian Cards - 36 Blatt

SCHAFKOPF - Bavarian Cards - 36 Blatt
SCHAFKOPF - Bavarian Cards - 36 Blatt

We print your Sheepshead cards with your favourite photos. Fast shipping, 100% satisfaction guarantee. It works very simply!

How can I have sheeps head (Schafkopf) cards individually printed?

1. Start our Playing Card designer .
2. Select the Schafkopf playing cards.
3. Upload your photos!
4. And you can order your personalized Schafkopf playing cards to your home.

Print sheephead (Schafkopf) cards and design them yourself with photos. With just a few clicks in our playing card designer.

Select your favourite motifs and with just a few clicks your specially designed Schafkopf card game will be on its way.
It makes an ideal gift for friends and relatives. We can also produce larger editions of more than 100 pieces in a very short time. No matter how many pieces you need - we can deliver!
You can print your Sheephead (Schafkopf) cards with pictures on the front and back.

Designing Schafkopf cards with your own photos is easy with our Playing card designer quite simply possible. In addition to photos of friends, the company logo and an individual text can of course also be uploaded.

Playing Schafkopf with individualised playing cards is especially fun. The rules are also very simple. The aim is to be the first player to make 61 eyes. The 4 players each place a card on the table in turn. The game is played clockwise. The highest card beats the others and the winner takes all 4 cards. The 7s, 8s and 9s score 0 points. The 10s score 10 points. The king counts 4 points and the ace even 11 points.

We hope you have fun playing!

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