TRUMPS - Classic - 32 Blatt

TRUMPS - Classic - 32 Blatt
TRUMPS - Classic - 32 Blatt

Create your quartet. Combine four pictures of the same person or event so that the connections are recognisable. You can also put the faces of your family in funny costumes.

The popular childrens card game with the faces of your loved ones is sure to be a big surprise at the next game night.

Here you can easily turn your snapshots into a quartet and make them unique gifts for your family, friends or customers.

Create card games with our free online designer that are as individual as you, your friends and your experiences!

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Ab 1 Set17,90 pro Set
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Ab 10 Sets15,90 pro Set
Ab 20 Sets14,90 pro Set
Ab 30 Sets12,90 pro Set
Ab 50 Sets9,50 pro Set
Ab 100 Sets7,50 pro Set