UNIKAT, MAU-MAU - Junior - 56 Blatt

UNIKAT, MAU-MAU - Junior - 56 Blatt
UNIKAT, MAU-MAU - Junior - 56 Blatt

You can design the popular and well-known card game MAU-MAU with your photos. 56 playing cards are waiting for your photos. The card game is also known as UNO in German-speaking countries. However, UNO is a brand name protected by Mattel, which is why we call our variant UNIKAT, also because the playing cards with your photos are certainly a UNIKAT.

Mau-Mau or UNIKAT game rules - explained simply in 5 steps

Players: 2-10
Start play with 5 cards (variable1) clockwise
Decks required: Mau-Mau playing cards, French deck or German Skat Deck
Goal: place all cards

Playing Mau-Mau
1. Shuffle the cards and deal them face down (5 per player). Place the remaining pile upside down in the middle of the table.
2. Pick a card from the deck and turn it face up next to the discard pile.
3. The player who starts must place a card of the same colour or number on top of the card on the table.
4. If a player cannot lay a card, he must draw one.
5. If a player has played his penultimate card and has only one card left, he must call Mau-Mau. If he forgets to do so and the next player discards a card, he must draw 5 cards from the discard pile.

Action cards
The action cards are the heart of every Mau Mau game.

7 - Draw two cards When a 7 is placed, the next player must draw two cards. If he also has a 7, he can place it on top of the first 7 and the next player must then draw four cards (2+2). This can be repeated until one player no longer has a 7. This player must then draw a corresponding number of cards (e.g. six cards for three 7s).
The 7 in Mau-Mau corresponds to the +2 card in the game UNO.

8 - Sit out The next player must sit out a round.
The 8 in Mau-Mau corresponds to the Stop card in the game UNO.

9 - Change of direction The direction of play is changed.
The 9 in Mau-Mau corresponds to the direction change card in the game UNO.

Jack - wish for a colour The jack can always be placed. The player who places it may wish for a colour.
The jack in Mau-Mau corresponds to the colour card of the game UNO.

Special rules for action cards (optional)

8 - Sit out + additional blocking function The next player must sit out a round. If the 8 is placed on a 7, no additional cards have to be drawn.

10 - As a special card, the 10 can be placed on any card. Often the jack is also used as an all-player card, which also offers the possibility to wish for a suit.
Queens of Clubs + King of Clubs If a Queen of Clubs is laid, the next player must lay a King of Clubs. If he has no king of clubs in his hand, he must draw 4 cards.
Undoing a suit wish You can undo the previous jacks suit wish with a jack or a 10 card.

Additional move - the card determined by the players in advance, for example the ace, offers the player who discards it the opportunity to make an additional move. Attention: This is usually an advantage. However, if the ace is the last card, another move must be made after discarding it, i.e. a card must be drawn and the game is not yet over.
The aim of the game is to discard all your cards. The player who manages to do this has 0 points at the end. The fewer points you collect per round, the better.

As soon as the first player has discarded all his cards, the other players add up their points. The points correspond to the numbers on the cards, the king and queen each count as 10 points, the ace as 11 points and the jack as 30 points.

Mau-Mau is a card game popular in Austria and Germany for 2-10+ players. A French hand (52 cards) or a German Skat hand (32 cards) is needed to play. As a rule, each player receives 5 cards. In very large rounds with 10 or more players, the number of cards can also be reduced so that a round does not take too long. For example, if there are only two or three players and you want to play a little longer, you can also start with 7 or 10 cards.

The jokers are removed from the deck for the game. From 5 players, 2 or more decks are recommended.

Enjoy playing!

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