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In our game-factory we create games for educational and advertising purpose , covering many different themes such as nature, health, environment and sustainability..

Do you have your own interesting subject that you want to pack into a game?

We deliver custom made and individual games for advertising purpose including concept, design of card and board games..

Here are some of our already created games:

Eat healthy
Memory game about healthy nutrition.
The concept of this game is to show the difference of healthy and non healthy food, respectively the origin of our groceries.

Recycling Domino
The rules of this game are very easy to understand, in that way even children of younger age can handle this Recycling Domino.
The one who laid out first all the cards is winning the game. Like Domino, the cards have to be placed in that way that same numbers are touching. A Joker card enables you to lay out any other card.
With this card game one can learn in an playful way how to recycle proper and avoid unnecessary waste.

Clean Peter
The rules of the game are easy to understand and therefore very popular with children of young age. The winner is the one who still has the “Clean Peter“ card at the end of the came.

Recycling Card Game
The pricipal of this card game is similar to UNO©. For example if there is a red recycling card with the number 8, the next player has to put down a red recycling card or any other card with the same number. If a waste prevention card is laid down, the next player has to take 2 more cards from the pile. The winner of this game is the one who put down first all cards.

A memory game to learn and find out about useful herbs, their effect and practical application.
The rules of the game: If a card with a poisonous plant is laid out the next player has to wait for the next round, if a ard with a medical herb is laid out und the player can name an active component of the herb, the next player has to take 2 more cards from the pile.
A fascinating tactic memory game with simple rules to gain knowledge about domestic plants and herbs.

A strategic game made from 3 different timber (nutwood, pearwood and marple).
A tactic game for two players where you have to aim to bring your own pieces first in an allocated space. A challenge for your mathematical skills.

Environment Quartet
The “Quartet” card game is probably the most well-known card game with simple rules. The goal of the game is to collect as many quartets (a set of four cards), the one with the most quartets is the winner. Additionally the players can learn about recycling economy.

Environment Memo
Everybody knows the classic game Memory were you will need a good memory to remember the pictures on the cards. With the game “Environment Memo” you will learn how to recycle in a correct way due the right colour code.

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