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SpieleklassikerAb 1 SpielAb 5 SpieleAb 10 SpieleAb 20 SpieleAb 30 SpieleAb 50 SpieleAb 100 Spiele
MEMORY GAMEMomente28 Paare34,9016,9014,9012,9011,9010,509,90
SCHNAPS CARDSFrench Style25 Blatt16,9014,9012,9010,909,907,905,90
SCHNAPS CARDSDouble German25 Blatt16,9014,9012,9010,909,907,905,90
OLD MAIDSClassic32 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
TRUMPSClassic33 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
SKATFrench Cards33 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
SKATGerman Cards33 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
SKATFour Colors33 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
PREFERENCEFrench Cards33 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
PREFERENCEGerman Cards33 Blatt18,9016,9014,9012,9011,909,907,90
JASSGerman Cards37 Blatt19,5017,5015,5013,5012,5010,508,50
JASSFrench Cards37 Blatt19,5017,5015,5013,5012,5010,508,50
JASSSwiss Cards37 Blatt19,5017,5015,5013,5012,5010,508,50
POKER - BRIDGEClassic Cards56 Blatt22,5020,5018,5016,5015,5013,5010,90
WITZART KARTENClassic60 Blatt26,9024,9022,9020,9018,9015,9012,90
SCHAFKOPFBavarian Cards37 Blatt19,5017,5015,5013,5012,5010,508,50
ROMME - CANASTAJOLLY56 Blatt34,9029,9026,9024,9022,9019,9015,90
UNIKATEMAU-MAU109 Blatt34,9029,9026,9024,9022,9019,9015,90
SKOPIE CARDSClassic163 Blatt39,9033,9029,9027,9026,9023,9019,90
DOPPELKOPFFrench Cards25 Blatt21,9019,9017,9015,9014,9012,909,90
DOPPELKOPFGerman Cards25 Blatt21,9019,9017,9015,9014,9012,909,90
GAIGEL - BINOKELBavarian Cards25 Blatt21,9019,9017,9015,9014,9012,909,90
GAIGEL - BINOKELFrench Cards25 Blatt21,9019,9017,9015,9014,9012,909,90
BLANC CARDSfor your Design25 Blatt16,9014,9012,9010,909,907,905,90
BLANC CARDSfor your Design37 Blatt19,5017,5015,5013,5012,5010,508,50
BLANC CARDSfor your Design56 Blatt22,5020,5018,5016,5015,5013,5010,90
BLANC CARDSfor your Design65 Blatt27,9026,9024,9022,9021,9019,9014,90
BLANC CARDSfor your Design111 Blatt34,9029,9026,9024,9023,9021,9015,90
BLANC CARDSfor your Design120 Blatt37,5032,5028,5026,5024,5022,9019,50

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alle anderen Kartensets inkl. Deckblatt

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Terms of Payment

Dear Customer.

Payment within 3 working days.

The order can be fulfilled after an advanced payment in form of a bank transfer or payment in cash sent by registered post

Delivery within 8 - 14 working days.

About the Prices

All the stated prices are in euro and must be paid in full including the shipping costs.

Our Prices including 20 % TAX.

On making the order, the buyer accepts the terms and conditions in full and without exception

Delivery Times

The delivery time for Germany and Austria are 8 to 12 working days.

For Switzerland and the EU Nations we Need 10 to 14 working days.

Product Descriptions

Decks of cards:
Playing Cards Format 59 x 91 mm or 56 x 100 mm
Printing: Offset 4/4 colours
Material: Special Card Paper 310 g/m2
Converting: print varnished, Corners rounded
Standard package: transparent box (PVC)

Memory games:
Printing: Digital 4/4 colours
Material: Special cardboard 800 g/m2
Format: 60 x 60 mm
Package: slip cap carton 180 x 257 x 28 mm,
Game description: 4/0 colours, 135 g/m2

Transport Costs

For Germany and Austria we Charge 6,95 Euro per sending.

For Switzerland and for the rest of the European Union we charge 12,95 Euro per sending.

We also can send your Card decks express. Please ask for the conditions, thank you!