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Our prices for the card and memo games are in euros and include 20% VAT plus shipping costs.

SpieleklassikerAb 1 SpielAb 5 SpieleAb 10 SpieleAb 20 SpieleAb 30 SpieleAb 50 SpieleAb 100 Spiele
MEMORY GAMEClassic24 Paare29,9028,9026,9025,9023,9021,90
SCHNAPS CARDS or 66French Style24 Blatt16,9014,9012,9011,9010,909,906,50
SCHNAPS CARDS or 66Double German24 Blatt16,9014,9012,9011,9010,909,906,50
OLD MAIDSClassic32 Blatt17,9016,9014,9013,9011,908,906,90
TRUMPSClassic32 Blatt17,9016,9015,9014,9012,909,507,50
SKATFrench Cards32 Blatt17,9016,9015,9014,9012,909,507,50
SKATGerman Cards32 Blatt17,9016,9015,9014,9012,909,507,50
SKATFour-color deck32 Blatt17,9016,9015,9014,9012,909,507,50
PREFERENCEFrench Cards32 Blatt17,9016,9015,9014,9012,909,507,50
PREFERENCEGerman Cards32 Blatt17,9016,9015,9014,9012,909,507,50
JASSGerman Deck36 Blatt18,5017,5016,5015,5014,509,907,90
JASSFrench Cards36 Blatt18,5017,5016,5015,5014,509,907,90
JASSGerman-Swiss Deck36 Blatt18,5017,5016,5015,5014,509,907,90
WATTKARTENSouth Tyrolean sheet with stencils40 Blatt21,9019,9017,9016,9015,9010,909,90
WATTKARTENSouth Tyrolean sheet40 Blatt21,9019,9017,9016,9015,9010,909,90
POKER, BRIDGEClassic Cards55 Blatt26,9024,9022,9020,9018,9014,909,90
WIZART PLAYING CARDSClassic60 Blatt26,9024,9022,9020,9018,9014,909,90
SCHAFKOPFBavarian Cards36 Blatt21,9019,9017,9016,9015,9010,907,90
RUMMY, CANASTAJOLLY55 Blatt34,9027,9026,9025,9022,9016,9013,90
UNIKAT, MAU-MAUJunior56 Blatt26,9024,9022,9020,9018,9014,909,90
UNIKAT, MAU-MAUClassic108 Blatt34,9029,9026,9025,9024,9015,9013,90
PHASE 10, Stufe 10TWIST114 Blatt39,9036,9034,9032,9030,9028,9026,90
SKIP-BOAces out162 Blatt44,9039,9035,9034,9032,9029,9026,90
DOPPELKOPFFrench Cards24 Blatt24,9022,9021,9020,9019,9013,908,90
DOPPELKOPFGerman Cards24 Blatt24,9022,9021,9020,9019,9013,908,90
GAIGEL,  BINOKELWürttemberg Deck24 Blatt24,9022,9021,9020,9019,9013,908,90
GAIGEL,  BINOKELFrench Cards25 Blatt24,9022,9021,9020,9019,9013,908,90
BLANK PLAYING CARDSfor your Design24 Blatt16,9014,9012,9011,9010,909,906,50
BLANK PLAYING CARDSfor your Design36 Blatt18,5017,5016,5015,5014,509,907,90
BLANK PLAYING CARDSfor your Design55 Blatt26,9024,9022,9020,9018,9014,909,90
BLANK PLAYING CARDSfor your Design110 Blatt34,9029,9026,9025,9024,9015,9013,90

A special card format or a different number of cards? We would be happy to make you an offer! Just let us know your specifications and we will be happy to make you an offer. Write us your requirements

We offer playing card printing at a high level, card games with the best processing in high quality, printed on real playing card board or quartet board at particularly reasonable prices. As a specialist for short to medium runs, we always print offset or digital in excellent quality.

Various packaging variants are available. The transparent plastic case, the printable folding box and the sturdy slip-lid box.

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